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RECT Token and his tasks

The main task of the RECT Token is to enable people to pay for services and goods, as well as simply transfer funds to loved ones directly in Telegram. Once again, the process is fast, anonymous, and easy, without fees or bureaucracy.

The RECT Token is set to revolutionize the ICO market and DeFi world. RECT Token is a new idea integrated into the secure Telegram messenger. Cryptocurrencies reflect anonymity, simplicity, and an opportunity to earn. Together with Telegram, we will open a new stage of development. Thanks to the combined software, we will expand the boundaries of security and convenience in one application.

Rectifier Exchange


Telegram provides a data transfer protocol and API for the Rectifier Exchange bot. P2P transfers and payments with RECT Token  within Telegram are based on the MTProto cryptographic protocol, which is known as the most secure and anonymous data transfer protocol.

RECT Token is a TRC20 standard token, which can be purchased for BTC, ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT, USDC, TRX, and LTC currencies in the official Telegram bot.

The Future of Telegram Payments and Trading
  • Token name: Rectifier Token
  • Ticker symbol: RECT
  • Network: TRC20
  • Total Supply: 95,000,000 RECT
  • Internal supply: ~39,800,000 RECT
  • External supply: ~24,000,000 RECT
  • Initial price: 1 RECT = $0.0110
  • Daily growth: 0.5-14%
  • P2P commission: 0%
  • Minimal deposit: $0.1
  • Staked tokens: 3,200,000 RECT

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